Founded in 2020 by Caroline Siassios, a designer and educator, Ninety-One Ways exists to build foundational daily routines and develop a mindset that enable you to contribute to a life you love.

There is no simple template in life that you can follow to thrive. The world needs us all to contribute in our own unique way. This may seem scary as it requires us to forge our own path with personal goals, ideas, creations and connections. What do you want to accomplish? What is important to you? What are you going to create, share, perform…contribute?

NOW is designed to scaffold the thinking and actions so you uncover the answers to these questions.

Choose to act with intention rather than being swept along in the current and reacting to your surroundings.

Daily 3

Let’s not make this complicated. Each day has a new Focus designed to encourage you to continually practice the Daily 3. Your goal is to develop your positive mindset and productive habits.


Tune your senses in to your thoughts, feelings and experiences


Create opportunities to share positive moments with other people


Don’t just think – take action

Fostering thoughtful action

Check in every day to get your daily inspiration to:

Be creative

Focus on thinking of new ideas and create solutions to problems without clearly defined structures.

Show initiative

Focus on assessing and getting things done independently without input or guidance.

Think critically

Focus on applying higher-level, process-oriented thinking, considering issues from a range of possible perspectives and using that reasoning to make decisions.

Be courageous

Focus on taking chances when appropriate despite inevitable uncertainty and challenges.

Be future orientated

Focus on having an optimistic disposition that enables you to obtain the skills and knowledge required to achieve your goals


Focus on exchanging information or expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else.

Be determined

Focus on choosing goal-directed actions despite the presence of challenges and discouragement.

Be adaptable

Focus on changing your actions and plans to overcome present and future challenges.

Assemble your tribe

Whether it is a collection of your family, friends or teachers, think about who you can ask to help keep you on track. These will be your Tribe. How will they support you and cheer you on? Who can you ask to be part of your journey?

Select people who will help keep you on track by checking in with how you are going. 

Focus NOW on the things you can do to contribute to a life you love.

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What do you need to do?

All you need to get started is a blank notebook and to sign up for a Ninety-One Ways series. 

1. Set a time, possibly at the start of your day, to read the daily Focus.

2. Plan time in your day to complete the daily Do now.

3. Respond to the Reflections in your notebook. Write anything that comes to mind. Elaborate as much as you can.

4. Check in with yourself throughout each day to ponder on how you’re incorporating the daily Focus into your actions and thoughts.

  • What have you noticed?
  • How have you connected with others?
  • What positive action have you taken?

5. Make time to check in with someone from your Tribe. This doesn’t need to be daily, but it would help to chat through how you are going every few days.