Ninety-One Ways

Ninety-One Ways

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Ninety-One Ways is a series of daily prompts and inspiration to build foundational daily routines and develop a mindset that supports contributing to a life you love.

Check in every day for the next 91 days to get your daily inspiration and motivation.

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Ninety-One Ways is a series of daily prompts and inspiration, each with a new Focus. These are designed to encourage you to continually practice the Daily 3.

Daily 3

  • Notice – Tune your senses in to your thoughts, feelings and experiences
  • Connect – Create opportunities to share positive moments with other people
  • Do – Don’t just think – take action


All you need is a blank notebook. You will be proud to see how your ideas grow over time when you flip back through the pages and review what you have written.

  1. Set a time, possibly at the start of your day, to read the daily Focus.
  2. Plan time in your day to complete the daily Do now.
  3. Respond to the Reflections in your notebook. Write anything that comes to mind. Elaborate as much as you can.
  4. Check in with yourself throughout the day to ponder on how you’re incorporating the daily Focus into your actions and thoughts. What have you noticed? How have you connected with others? What positive action have you taken?
  5. Make time to check in with someone from your Tribe. This doesn’t need to be daily, but it would help to chat through how you are going every few days.