Create a time capsule

A journal documenting your thoughts and actions during the COVID-19 period of isolation will be a fascinating time capsule to look back on.

It can be difficult to know which of the events we live through will be remembered over time. However, I am sure 2020 will be known as the year the world paused as a result of COVID-19. No travel, no Olympics, no school. The virus is impacting almost every part of our daily lives. This will be a pivotal moment that will reshape the world and is sure to be referenced and studied by future generations. One day we’ll be recollecting the COVID-19 pandemic as the time when we worked from home, found empty shelves in the supermarket, and caught up with our friends and family on Zoom. Someday, this will just be a collection of memories that we may recount to others – each of our stories shaped by our unique experiences and ways of thinking.

Depending on your perspective, in what may be the very distant future, you might ask others “What grade were you in when you couldn’t go to school?”, or tell stories of the time you couldn’t buy toilet paper for weeks, or visualise peoples’ angry faces when someone coughed in public, or recollect images of deserted tourist attractions all over the world. On the other hand, you may recount happy memories that paint a picture of the Italians singing to each other from apartment balconies across empty squares, or families standing at the end of their driveways to “Light up the Dawn” in honour of those who defended our country, or laugh about fun times as board games were rediscovered and enjoyed with all the family after dinner.

One way to help prevent memories slowly slipping away over time is by writing in a journal. Journaling preserves thoughts and helps process emotions. You can document your feelings, ideas, inspiration and goals in a journal to look back on in years to come. Journal writing is a creative way of capturing ideas, stories, and emotions that define who we are and emphasis our values, wisdom and purpose in life. 

All you need is a pen, notebook and an open mind. There is no wrong way to write an entry into a journal. They are your thoughts and ideas. Don’t worry about your spelling, grammar or even your handwriting as it is not necessary for anyone else to read it except you.